James Grant’s newly released “The Power of God’s Consciousness” is an impactful commentary on how mankind can return to God’s plan

James Grant’s newly released “The Power of God’s Consciousness” is an impactful commentary on how mankind can return to God’s plan

“The Power of God’s Consciousness” from Christian Faith Publishing author James Grant is an encouraging argument for the need for connection and a cultural refocusing on God’s word and intended plan for creation.

“The Power of God’s Consciousness”: a thoughtful discussion of faith and one’s connection to God. “The Power of God’s Consciousness” is the creation of published author James Grant, a native of Barbados, West Indies who served over twenty years in law enforcement, earned his certification in middle and high school education then taught Social Studies for several years. James is an ordained Deacon through the Historic Twelfth Baptist Church in Boston, MA, where he has been an active member for over 40 years. James also participates in community walks through inner-city neighborhoods, with the Boston Police, the State Police, pastors, ministers, local politicians, and their staff. James is very active in the political arena and has even run for State Senate 2nd Suffolk District of Massachusetts.

Grant shares, “The Power of God’s Consciousness was written to transform the lives and consciousness of mankind. It was written to transform mankind from a sinful nature and more into fellowship with God.

“When we read and study God’s divine Word, we realize how God’s Word can become the bread of life for mankind. God’s Word must become the bread of life in our lives so that we can experience how God’s Word is able to manifest itself in our lives.

“We have to implement God’s Word in our hearts and minds as God’s Word becomes a part of our lives. We have to develop the discipline in our lifestyles that reflect the life of Jesus Christ. Everything that we do at this point in our lives should reflect our discipline and consciousness of God’s divine Word in our hearts and is acted out in our lives.

“When we have confidence and courage in God’s divine Word, we are better able to enhance and develop our faith in God. We can only understand our purpose and reason for living through how we define God’s consciousness in our lives.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, James Grant’s new book will challenge and inspire believers to seek a new level of connection with God.

Grant shares in hopes of empowering others on their spiritual path so they can achieve the comfort and fulfillment of God’s presence.

Consumers can purchase “The Power of God’s Consciousness” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “The Power of God’s Consciousness,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

For speaking engagements and book signings please contact James Grant at 617-669-9875.

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