Nancy Deming’s newly released “The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence” is an uplifting journey of personal and spiritual discovery

“The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence” from Christian Faith Publishing author Nancy Deming is a charming young adult fiction that will challenge and empower readers as they journey with George Gray on an unexpected adventure.

“The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence”: a surprising and entertaining fiction with a powerful message. “The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence” is the creation of published author Nancy Deming.

Deming shares, “What would it be like to have a guardian guiding you through some of your most traumatic experiences? George Gray, a recent transplant, finds himself in such a situation. Beginning a new school year in a new town three thousand miles away from the home he has always known is daunting. When he has difficulty fitting in, it becomes unbearable. Add to that the ultimate battle of bullying, which he receives in full measure by the school’s resident bully, it feels totally hopeless. When a gift of a magical book, Dreams Made Reality: A Journey of Tough Love, is given to George, his world turns unexpectedly into a life of surprising challenges, ones that George must complete. The author is the Guardian, who directs George to choose five goals to accomplish with the Guardian’s guidance. Sometimes moments spent with this mythical book are tough love, and other times they are served with compassion and gentleness. It all depends on George’s choices made, knowing consequences will come one way or another. Through it all, George grows into a fine young man and discovers a future that is promising. Come join his adventures, and learn along with him how to address possible problems that you may be experiencing as well. The Guardian knows all things, so maybe we all should listen. As he is used to saying often, ‘The Guardian has spoken.’”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Nancy Deming’s new book will delight and encourage as an unexpected journey of twists of fate unfolds.

Deming shares in hopes of offering an enjoyable reading experience while imparting intriguing guidance.

Consumers can purchase “The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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