Author Steven A. O’Dalaigh’s new book “The Adventures of Connor and Finn” is an epic and enthralling saga of two Irish cousins who grew up as brothers

Author Steven A. O'Dalaigh’s new book “The Adventures of Connor and Finn” is an epic and enthralling saga of two Irish cousins who grew up as brothers

Recent release “The Adventures of Connor and Finn” from Page Publishing author Steven A. O’Dalaigh is an enchanting work that centers on two Irish cousins who grew up as brothers. Together they share many wondrous and frightful adventures to the different realms of the past, present, and future, along with their cohorts, which include a clurichaun, an Irish wolfhound, and a semi-crazed banshee.

Steven A. O’Dalaigh, who began writing love notes and spiritual poetry as an introverted child, has completed his new book “The Adventures of Connor and Finn”: a unique work filled with poetry, spells, portents, prophecies, magic, and Celtic mythology.

It wasn’t until his mid-thirties that Steven discovered his Irish ancestors were clan chieftains, bards, and sages to the high kings. They kept the historical records and also founded the first school for poetry in Connacht, Ireland. These leaders were called the O’Dalaigh.

Steven writes, “Through cultural intrusion and expansion, many nomadic tribes came to settle on the Emerald Isle, bringing with them the gospel according to the apostles of the new Christian faith.”

He continues, “This migration signaled a change in Celtic lore and mythology. Over the course of history and a series of unconnected events, a convergence of many cultures developed that were very similar in other continents as well. For example, these were the tribes that had migrated there: Milesians, Fomorians, Tuatha, druids, pagans, Normans, Saxons, Vikings, Romans, Gaels, and Germanic tribes blended into a thousand factions of Celtic clans.”

Published by Page Publishing, Steven A. O’Dalaigh’s one-of-a-kind tale follows Connor and Finn as they battle supernatural forces as well as the Morrigan. There are legacies and family secrets, as well as curses, that threaten this clan to its undoing.

Readers who wish to experience this enjoyable work can purchase “The Adventures of Connor and Finn” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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