Susan E. Russ’s newly released “Splashes of Sunshine” is an enjoyable collection of writings, including stories, reflections, and poetic works

Susan E. Russ’s newly released “Splashes of Sunshine” is an enjoyable collection of writings, including stories, reflections, and poetic works

“Splashes of Sunshine” from Christian Faith Publishing author Susan E. Russ is a vibrant and entertaining juvenile fiction that can be shared with the entire family as enjoyable tales of family, faith, and God’s creation play out.

Splashes of Sunshine”: an uplifting collection of entertaining and encouraging writings. “Splashes of Sunshine” is the creation of published author Susan E. Russ.

Susan shares, “There was no labor involved in choosing the title of the book. The title came long before the writing began. I feel strongly that the Lord inspired the title. About a month or more later the writing began to take form. A Splash of Sunshine will indicate something bright, beautiful, charming, inviting, healing, or fun. It will knock out darkness instantly in the real world. There are no dark doldrums within this book.

“This little village was named Twitterville because of all the cunning little creatures twittering about, or using their twittering voices to communicate, sometimes in secret code. The village includes some inside and outside capers that cause giggles to rise from your belly. They are precious and adorable creatures full of vim and vigor, helping us to forget our troubles. Entering Twitterville provides quick relief to anxiety and fear. The air is pure and the village is charming as the stories unfold.

“This book has maintained strict ethical and moral codes, so the very young can have it read to them but develops interesting characters enough to make it entertaining and inspirational for adults as well. It’s warm, safe, good, educational, and kind. The love shown between siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, and neighbors is exemplary. They happily spread helpfulness, acceptance of one another, and friendship to newcomers on the block.

“There are several reflections in the book centering on detailed descriptions of specific seasons of nature in hopes that they will inspire deeper appreciation for each season represented. The poems within this book create a sense of wonder and enlightenment, or give way to helping you remember your own similar personal experiences. They are tender and warm, fun and exciting — some in storytelling form.

“God bless you!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Susan E. Russ’s new book will delight and entertain as readers enjoy exploring Twitterville.

Susan shares in hopes of providing wholesome entertainment while imparting key lessons of morality and faith.

Consumers can purchase “Splashes of Sunshine” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store,, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Splashes of Sunshine,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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