Christine King’s newly released “Son Blocked” is an action-packed tale of romance and deception as a young woman’s life hangs in the balance

Christine King’s newly released “Son Blocked” is an action-packed tale of romance and deception as a young woman’s life hangs in the balance

“Son Blocked” from Christian Faith Publishing author Christine King is a captivating tale of intrigue and twists of fate as unexpected foes and gallant champions square off to save the life of Sam Sure.

“Son Blocked”: an engrossing Christian romance. “Son Blocked” is the creation of published author Christine King, a dedicated wife and mother of three who is an ordained licensed minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

King shares, “Ten long years filled with prayer, therapy and hard work has helped to put the pieces of Samantha Sure’s life together. She has not had an easy or a common life, yet Sam hardly complains. Ordinary daily activities normal people did without a qualm? Samantha needed anointed oil and Dr. Boice, her therapist. Yet through it all, Sam has had the love and support of four wonderful uncles, the world’s best, best friend and her babies, Puddin and Candy. Surely God would let the rest of her life be peaceful and calm? I mean God said He wouldn’t put more on you than you can bare right? Sam doesn’t want much. I mean would it be too much to ask God for one thing? Just one thing. She just needed one answer to one question and her life would change forever.

“Detective SR Page is a man who’s seen the seedier parts of living as a homicide detective in Louisville, Kentucky. His faith in God hasn’t wavered but grown in the face of poverty driven crimes and hate filled felonies. SR knows about painful relationships and unanswered questions. Even still. He needs answers. He wants answers only Sam can give, and Detective SR Page wants Samantha Sure for himself. But so does Turp. He has dedicated years toward this goal. He has manipulated people and events to reach Samantha. The sacrifices and ordeals he’s endured all to have Samantha. He will not be deterred, detoured or derailed. He just wants, no needs one thing. Turpitude Grundy needs Samantha Sure. He surely does. And he’ll take her anyway he can get her.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Christine King’s new book will shock and delight the imagination as readers race to see what awaits a heartbroken young woman with a tragic past.

King paints a vivid picture within the pages of this compelling mystery with exciting layers of faith, family, and true love.

Consumers can purchase “Son Blocked” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Son Blocked,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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