Jennifer Redcay and Becca Anderson’s newly released “Pushing Back the Darkness” is a fascinating study of cult dynamics and a personal account of life within a cult.

Jennifer Redcay and Becca Anderson’s newly released “Pushing Back the Darkness” is a fascinating study of cult dynamics and a personal account of life within a cult.

“Pushing Back the Darkness” from Christian Faith Publishing authors Jennifer Redcay and Becca Anderson is a powerful account of being a victim of a charismatic cult leader paired with a helpful guide that offers both warning signs and a path to healing.

“Pushing Back the Darkness”: a reflective and compassionate message of hope for those affected by spiritually damaging groups. “Pushing Back the Darkness” is the creation of published authors Jennifer Redcay and Becca Anderson.

Redcay and Anderson share, “For almost 10 years every waking moment of Jennifer’s life was a nightmare. This is her story, Jennifer didn’t hold up a sign asking to be lured into a cult, instead, she followed in the footsteps of everyone she loved and trusted. Family members had joined the group before she did. Her hunger for approval from a father figure completed her fall into the control of a seemingly kind and charismatic cult leader who turned into an abusive tyrant. He told her how to live, think and even how to pray, and nearly stole her soul. But even he could not prevent her eventual awakening to God’s Light and love breaking into her utter darkness through surprising people and circumstances.

“Pushing Back the Darkness is a gripping read you won’t be able to put down. It goes beyond Jennifer’s personal story to explain cult dynamics, to help you identify harmful groups, and gives real-world advice and resources for helping someone exit a spiritually damaging group.

“Bonus Features include: Warning signs of abusive groups/cults, how mind control works, tips for recovering from a cult experience, how to cult proof yourself or someone you love and much more.

“Far more than simply recounting Jennifer’s amazing ordeal, it is a testimony to God’s redemptive love and grace. – Marc A. Dupont Conference speaker and author of Toxic Churches and other books

“Shocking and enlightening. May the Lord use this book to bring hope, freedom, and healing to many ensnared in religious cults and also to educate the Body of Christ to minister with discernment, compassion and grace. – Larry Kreider International Director of DOVE International, Lancaster County, PA; author of over 30 books

“For all who want to understand cults, help loved ones exit a cult, and assist them in putting their lives back together.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jennifer Redcay and Becca Anderson’s new book is an emotionally charged study of the realities of life within the heart of a cult.

Redcay and Anderson’s impactful message and carefully presented research bring a new depth to the dangers of cult life.

Consumers can purchase “Pushing Back the Darkness” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Pushing Back the Darkness,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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