PenCraft Book Awards Announces Their 2022 WINNERS for Children and Young Adult Books

PenCraft Book Awards Announces Their 2022 WINNERS for Children and Young Adult Books

Announcement of 2022 winners of the 6th Annual PenCraft Book Awards for books submitted by authors and Mainstream & Independent publishers that Scored Top Honors in the Children and Young Adult book categories

PenCraft Book Awards announces its 2022 winners and finalists for its 6th Annual Competition for Children and Young Adult book categories.

Awards were presented for titles published between 2019 to 2022. Entries were submitted from authors and publishers from around the globe. The children’s book market in the United States is a 2.6 billion dollar behemoth and has grown about 3% in each of the last five years. The combined market value of Young Adult books and Children’s books reached $11.31 billion in 2022. Hundreds of children’s books competed in this year’s PenCraft Book Award Competition.

Each winning Children and Young Adult Book won because they excelled in their category and stood out among their competitors. Editor-In-Chief, David Hearne stated, “The young readers of these award-winning books will undoubtedly learn lessons from these beautifully illustrated fun reads. We are very proud of all our category winners and hope they continue writing books that teach and entertain our youth, the future captains of our world.”

List of Winners:
Children – 4th-6th grade Category
1st Place – Simone LaFray and the Red Wolves of London by Steve O’Farrell Published by Brandylane Publishers, Inc.
2nd Place – Little Miss Linda Speaks about Rape by Linda Holloway Published Independently
Runner Ups
The Ace Compeers: The Secrets of Skin Colour by Rita Bhandari    published by FriesenPress
The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm – The Robinsons by Terance Shipman published by Team Shipman Publishing
The Clothesline Code by Janet Halfmann published by Brandylane Publishers, Inc

Children – Concept Category
1st Place – The Little Regenerative Famer by Lauren Lovejoy Published Independently
2nd Place – Little Miss Linda goes to Counseling by Linda Holloway published Independently    
Runner Ups
This Thing Has A Name by Amanda Bacon-Davis and Jinjer Markley published by Amanda Bacon-Davis
I Remember by Kevin O’Connell Published by Blue Ocean LLC    

Children – Dealing With Emotions Category
1st    Place – The Story of Tree and Cloud by Daryl McCullough published by Archway Pub
2nd Place – Sometimes When I’m Mad by Deborah Serani ‎ published by Free Spirit

Children – Early Childhood Education Category
1st Place – Little Miss Linda Speaks Out about Sickle Cell Disease by Linda Holloway published Independently

Children – Fantasy & Magic Category
1st Place – Fairies and Dragons by Nancy Benson published by Author House

Children – K-3rd – Fable Category
1st Place – Isabella Castaspella by Parvati Markus published by SitaRam Press

Children – K-3rd grade– General Category
1st Place – Dancing Deepa by Suchi Sairam published by Kala Vandanam Press
2nd Place – Octopus Dave Farts a Heart by Noelani Putirka published Independently    
Runner Ups
Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound! by Drew Palacio published by Belle Isle Books
I Love My Happy Hair by Linda Holloway published     Independently
Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles – Field Trip to the Farm by Terance Shipman published by Team Shipman Publishing

Children – Nature Books Category
1st Place – Caterpillar’s Surprise by Janet Halfmann published by Black Rose Writing
2nd Place – We All have Spots by M. J. McDonald published by Indelible

Children – Preschool Category
1st Place – We Walk Through the Forest by Lisa Ferland published by Lisa Ferland
2nd Place – Rooty the Rutabaga by Steven Megson    published by SteveMegsonBooks    
Runner Ups
From Small Beginnings by Stephanie Laskoskie published by Stephanie Laskoskie

Children – Preteen Category
1st Place – Salmon Survivor by Christian Shane published by Relevant Publishers LLC    
2nd Place – Moving Willie by Raymond Tatten published Independently    
Runner Ups
The Faithful Dog: A Civil War Novel by Terry Lee Caruthers published by Black Rose Writing    

Children -Activity Books Category
1st Place – Dayana, Dax, and the Dancing Dragon by Once Upon a Dance published by Once Upon a Dance

Children -Christian Books Category
1st Place – My Mom Has Superpowers: A Kids Book About Faith And Believing by Vera Richard Harris – published Independently

Young Adult – Coming of Age Category
12st Place – The MoonStone Girls by Brooke Skipstone published by Skipstone Learning
2nd Place – The Playlist Diaries Book 1 by Kiersten Schiffer published by Sweet Light Press
Runner Ups
The Angel Room by Lee Call published by ‎J Emrys Press

Young Adult – Fantasy/Sci-Fi Category
1st Place – The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf published by The Wild Rose Press
2nd Place – Shadow’s Voice by Natalie Johanson published by Tea and Dagger Publishing
Runner Ups
The Blackest Blue by Luna Wright published Independently published
Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846 by Laurel Anne Hill published by Sand Hill Review Press

Young Adult – General Category
1st Place – Surviving the Second Tier by M.K. Lever published by Hugo House Publishers, Ltd
2nd Place THE END by John Barnes published by BookBaby
Runner Ups
Sawyer’s Regret by Raymond Tatten published Independently

A complete List of 2022 PenCraft Book Award Winners can be viewed at site.
The PenCraft Book Award competition is an annual literary contest that strives to give all authors an equal opportunity for recognition of their works to the reading public. Their goal is to make the competition inspiring, fun, and open to all authors. The PenCraft Book Awards receives hundreds of nominated books, but only a small percentage win. Editor-In-Chief, David Hearne stated, “We think our winners are the best. We hope to continue being a conduit to introducing new authors and their fantastic new books to the reading public.”

PenCraft Book Awards started with an idea—from an author in 2015 who felt it was unfair that many authors were excluded from numerous book competitions because of who published their books or prohibitive entry fees. So he gathered a few people together and set up shop to launch a new company that would allow all authors to compete on the same level.
What PenCraft Book Awards would look like today was unknown, but the founders knew their commitment to empowering all authors to succeed—wouldn’t change. Since then, PenCraft Book Awards have bolstered authors worldwide, and they will continue looking for new ways to help authors achieve recognition and financial reward for their creativity.


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