Joy Coats’s newly released “Our Final Hope” is an engaging fiction that brings the story of Mary and Joseph to life in a fresh, tangible way

Joy Coats’s newly released “Our Final Hope” is an engaging fiction that brings the story of Mary and Joseph to life in a fresh, tangible way

“Our Final Hope” from Christian Faith Publishing author Joy Coats is a compelling biblical fiction that adds a level of humanity to biblical figures that often seem larger than life within scripture.


“Our Final Hope”: a thoughtful historical romance. “Our Final Hope” is the creation of published author Joy Coats, a dedicated wife and mother who has been a schoolteacher for eighteen years, fifteen of which were in a Christian school in the Wilmington area. After receiving a master’s in special ed, she was the school’s resource director and teacher for children with learning differences for five of those years. She currently spends her time tutoring students one-on-one with special needs.

Coats shares, “A moment in time when all of creation stood still and welcomed the birth of its Creator, stepping out of heaven and into the hearts and lives of the very created…

“Mary, a young girl, and Joseph, a carpenter, could not have imagined the journey on which they would travel after saying yes to the God of their fathers when He asked them to believe by faith all that He would reveal to them. A journey that would call them to an unyielding and firm determination to be part of the answer to a world’s desperate need, the Messiah—Immanuel, God with us. How could the God of creation reach down into their simple lives and bless them with the final hope of a dying and lost world? Can they believe Him for it?

“In a time when unmarried girls could be stoned for being pregnant before marriage, Mary must forge ahead with complete trust in her heavenly Father for protection and wisdom. Joseph must make a choice to believe all that his betrothed has just told him. Is it possible—the Messiah…in his home? Shepherds and wise men begin the ultimate pilgrimage that will forever change their lives and stories. A jealous king will seek to squash out his existence—He who will be our final and only hope.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Joy Coats’s new book will captivate the imagination as readers journey with key biblical figures to experience the birth of Christ.

Coats paints a vivid picture within the pages of this heartfelt celebration of those who were tasked with delivering the Christ child.

Consumers can purchase “Our Final Hope” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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