Laura Kenda’s newly released “Oh How a Mother Worries” is a heartfelt message of love and connection between mothers and children

“Oh How a Mother Worries” from Christian Faith Publishing author Laura Kenda is an enjoyable collection of stories that offer important life lessons for the inevitable day when children must venture out into the world.

“Oh How a Mother Worries”: an uplifting and encouraging guide to a happy, healthy, and faith-based life. “Oh How a Mother Worries” is the creation of published author Laura Kenda, who grew up in New York State and later moved to New England, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Kenda worked in the business field before later going back to teaching in 2001. She then joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Bulgaria, teaching English as a foreign language. After her two years of service, she returned to the United States and earned her nursing degree in Maryland where she has been an oncology nurse since 2007. She has also served as lector, eucharistic minister, and religious education teacher for several years.

Kenda shares, “My father died when I was just ten years old, so I always thought I would not be on the planet for a long time. Working as a nurse during COVID-19, I was even more anxious about my life expectancy and the safety of my daughter.

“I know God doesn’t want me to worry, yet ever since I became a mother, that just seems to come with the territory. I’ve only been a mother for twelve years, and I haven’t slept well since!

“This book was written for her as a guidebook to remind her of all the things I’ve been telling her about being safe, healthy, and happy but not quite sure she was listening! In fact, she even admits to only hearing a portion of what I say.

“The stories are meant to instill joy in knowing that we are not alone, which I thought of naming this book but figured surely that title was already taken.

“God wants us to be happy, but we may have some difficult lessons along the way, but He has a plan for us. We will have ups and downs, but if we keep the faith and make positive choices, then we will have everything we need. We may even have a few things we want.

“God is ever present, and for that, we are blessed.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Laura Kenda’s new book is a celebration of the joys that await in a fulfilled life.

Kenda presents an encouraging message that acknowledges the highs and lows of life, along with some helpful guidance to help navigate the more challenging moments.

Consumers can purchase “Oh How a Mother Worries” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Oh How a Mother Worries,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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