Matt Giamarco’s newly released “Noah” is an engaging and inspiring fiction that takes a fresh spin on a familiar biblical lesson

Matt Giamarco’s newly released “Noah” is an engaging and inspiring fiction that takes a fresh spin on a familiar biblical lesson

“Noah” from Christian Faith Publishing author Matt Giamarco is an inspiring contemporary fiction that tackles the story of Noah and the great flood in a way that will resonate with modern Christians.

“Noah”: an enjoyable fiction that will challenge readers to reflect on the familiar story of Noah and the importance of living as a true disciple. “Noah” is the creation of published author Matt Giamarco, a general dentist and the dental director at Gentle Dental Peabody. Giamarco is a graduate of Tufts Dental School where he earned his DMD. He started his dental career at Gentle Dental Newbury Street, working under one of the original founders. He is a member of the Massachusetts Dental Society and the American Dental Association.

Passionate about learning and education, Giamarco serves as a mentor for many new associate doctors at Gentle Dental. He was awarded Dental Director of the Year 2019 by 42 North Dental and Boston Magazine’s Best dentist. He is the proud father of three adopted children, now adults.

Giamarco shares, “Dear faithful reader,

“This is how God begins His story. A long story of ‘creation, subsequent fall, and final restoration of fallen humanity that God accomplishes through the death, resurrection, and return of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ’ (Allen Bradberry).

“As you read, you will see my life undergo a God-driven paradigm shift toward a stronger commitment to God with a fuller, more in-depth understanding.

“As Jesus died on the cross He said, ‘It is finished.’

“Yes, it is finished, the forgiveness of all our sins. The greatest triumph in the history of mankind. Forgiveness. Absolution. Exoneration. Justification and righteous before our Lord. A free, undeserved grace deposited on our behalf to allow our souls to present unblemished on the threshold of God’s eternal throne. It is a perfect unconditional love. Can you imagine a God who bends His will to loving wretches like us continuously and forgivingly without boundary? It surpasses all understanding and eclipses all free thought.

“I hope you will see this play out as God intended in this version of a modern-day world succumbed by a long-term blitz of sin and moral depravity and its redemption.

“Hi. I am Noah. I live in this mid-twenty-first-century world. A society in the throngs of Babylonian debauchery and will suffer a modern-day version of the great flood. Through a force majeure of God’s will, this secular world view will bring about a real apocalyptic destruction to Earth.

“It is true by Jesus’s death, we are all forgiven, but have we all repented? This spiritual allegory is written in honor of God’s will. It will hopefully force you to ponder and decide if you are aligned with the Holy Spirit, Jesus’s representative here on Earth until we are reunited with him in eternity.

“May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,


Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Matt Giamarco’s new book will entertain while inspiring as readers enjoy an encouraging biblical fiction.

Giamarco shares in hopes of aiding others on their spiritual journey through a creative and often humorous narrative.

Consumers can purchase “Noah” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Noah,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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