Lynwood Batts’s newly released “Lion Leadership Mentality” is an engaging discussion of passionate, effective leadership

Lynwood Batts’s newly released “Lion Leadership Mentality” is an engaging discussion of passionate, effective leadership

“Lion Leadership Mentality” from Christian Faith Publishing author Lynwood Batts offers readers a helpful resource for developing leadership skills and a determined mentality to lead those around you.

“Lion Leadership Mentality”: a compelling discussion of key leadership components. “Lion Leadership Mentality” is the creation of published author Lynwood Batts, a native of North Carolina and pastor at Vaughn’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Elm City.

Batts shares, “The Lion Mentality is a book that focuses on leading like a lion while understanding what makes a lion survive in the world that he is born to reign. The lion mentality is about more than being the strongest, or the fastest or the biggest but developing attitude on the lion. When you are driven by passion, purpose, and vision, you will begin to understand why all the other animals fear the lion. God has planted in the DNA of the lion the will to survive and to teach this concept to those that will follow. The Lion is the king because he knows what it takes to make it through another day. This strategy he teaches to those that will follow and desire to develop the lion mentality.

“The concept of lion leadership was birth out of my desire to watch documentary’s that explored the life of a lion. This knowledge of the lion was merged with my passion for leadership and my passion for biblical studies. When both biblical studies come together with leadership studies and the attitude of the lion, you get the ‘the lion mentality.’”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Lynwood Batts’s new book will challenge and engage readers as they consider the informative points made within.

Batts shares in hopes of aiding others to become effective leaders in Christ’s name so those in need will have guidance during trying times.

Consumers can purchase “Lion Leadership Mentality” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Lion Leadership Mentality,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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