New Picture Book Encourages Children to Learn How to Talk to God

New Picture Book Encourages Children to Learn How to Talk to God

Author shares how talking to God helps to grow closer to Him and bring comfort

A new children’s story hopes to inspire children and adults about the importance of talking to God. Using The Lord’s Prayer format: adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication, the storyline proposes how learning to simply talk to God about any topic can help a person gain comfort and create an ongoing relationship with Him. Establishing a habit of using this type of prayer makes God more accessible and can be a powerful tool within a faith centered life.

“Hand it to God,” by Shaunna Kelder, tells the story of Jonah who, like many children his age, sometimes has trouble falling asleep at night in his own bed. One night, his mom teaches him that he is never really alone because God is always there waiting to talk. Kelder hopes her book teaches children that God is always with them and is always available to talk to. The book also explores the idea that this form of prayer helps individuals grow closer to God, naturally go to Him for comfort and guidance, and learn to include Him even more in their daily lives.

“I was inspired to write this book after a prompting by God during prayer,” said Kelder. “Jonah and his family came clearly to my mind and I knew this story was meant to be shared.”

The storyline was formed from Kelder’s own experience teaching her children how to pray while also encouraging them to build a relationship with God. The imagery of God’s hand was added from her personal use of this visual during prayer. Over the years, imagining she was curled up in God’s hand helped her to find extra comfort or feel closer to her heavenly Father when praying.

“God desires to be in constant relationship with His children,” said Kelder. “Learning to consistently talk to God, even about everyday things, helps us maintain a connection, gain comfort when needed, and grow closer to God every day.”

“Hand it to God”
By Shaunna Kelder
ISBN: 9781664271814 (softcover); 9781664271821 (electronic)
Available at WestBow PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Shaunna is a follower of Jesus, married, and with two grown children. She has a doctorate in occupational therapy and has been a pediatric occupational therapist and graduate professor of occupational therapy for over 20 years. Shaunna continues to remind her grown children (and others) not to forget to talk to God, and she is always happy to lead a prayer, pray over someone directly, or include others in her prayers.
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