New Book Reminds Children the Purpose Behind God’s Creations

New Book Reminds Children the Purpose Behind God’s Creations

The story follows an inquisitive child seeking the reason behind the blessings in life

A new children’s book follows the journey of a young girl who seeks to understand why God made the enjoyable things in life. A young girl’s discovery of “why” highlights God’s divine purpose of ensuring pleasure for all people on earth.

In “God, Why Did You Make Me?” by Becky A. Johns, readers join an exploration of the significance behind some of the best things in the young child’s world. She learns that dogs, cats, rain, her parents and even the sun were all created to bring happiness and joy.

“The earth and all things in it were created for us, not the other way around,” said Johns. “They are like love letters that He blesses us with each day. Yet, we are also love letters from God, sent to bless others.”

As a former preschool teacher and mother, Johns knows the significance of the question “why,” and has supplied answers. In the end, she establishes that the most significant answer is “to bless others,” and that the time to learn this lesson can never come early enough.

“I would like everyone to know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives,” said Johns. “I feel this book could plant the seed, especially in young hearts, to see Jesus all around them.”

“God, Why Did You Make Me”
By Becky A. Johns
ISBN: 9781664260382 (softcover); 9781664260405 (hardcover); 9781664260399 (electronic)
Available at WestBow PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Becky A. Johns is a Christ follower, wife, mom and iced-tea drinker. She graduated from Baker University in Baldwin City, Kan., with a degree in elementary education. Before becoming an author, Johns was a preschool teacher for 12 years before retiring to stay at home with her two children. Now that her kids are grown, she continues to write and enjoy many adventures with her loving husband. Becky has also written “God Made Me Washable,” a children’s story about the cleansing forgiveness of God. To learn more, please visit


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