Dr. Russ Rasmussen and Jeff Sievertson’s newly released “Finding the One: Part II of the Becoming One Series” is a collection of stories that explore the dating world

“Finding the One: Part II of the Becoming One Series” from Christian Faith Publishing authors Dr. Russ Rasmussen and Jeff Sievertson takes on the complexities of finding a true partner, including overcoming past traumas, learning to effectively communicate, and so much more.

“Finding the One: Part II of the Becoming One Series”: a contemporary study of modern dating. “Finding the One: Part II of the Becoming One Series” is the creation of published authors Dr. Russ Rasmussen and Jeff Sievertson.

Dr. Rasmussen earned his Doctor of Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology in 1990. Throughout his many years of practice, he has guided numerous clients to a path of harmony and peace in their relationships. Now retired, he enjoys teaching Bible studies at church and writing books that motivate and inspire others to know Jesus Christ.

Sievertson has served as a lay pastor for almost twenty years and pastor for two years. His love of God’s word has driven him to author several books and articles, which can be found at intotheeast.org and godsproof.com.

Dr. Rasmussen and Sieverston share, “Finding the One is the story of several single young adults wanting to find the ‘one’ person with whom to share their lives. Whether the issue is trying to revive a previous relationship, overcoming an abusive past, or the problems of finally being on their own, the people have much to learn about how to do a relationship. Dr. Ken Nilsen returns to help these people communicate, understand each other, and get to know each other deeply.

“After many years of serving his clients, Dr. Russ Rasmussen wanted to convey his biblically rooted advice in a way that would not only be enjoyed but also be implemented and practiced daily. After tossing around a few ideas with author, Bible-study teacher, and friend Jeff Sievertson, Dr. Russ decided the best way to bring his professional advice to life was through this continuing story of becoming one.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dr. Russ Rasmussen and Jeff Sievertson’s new book will present helpful encouragement and guidance that can be applied to the modern pursuit of a fulfilling relationship.

Dr. Rasmussen and Sieverston provide an enjoyable and enriched reading experience by drawing inspiration and knowledge from their personal and professional lives.

Consumers can purchase “Finding the One: Part II of the Becoming One Series” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Finding the One: Part II of the Becoming One Series,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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