Author Bravely Shares Her Painful Personal Story to Help Lost Souls Find Christ and Triumph with His Word

Author Bravely Shares Her Painful Personal Story to Help Lost Souls Find Christ and Triumph with His Word

Xulon Press presents a thought-provoking memoir encouraging others to see how spiritual growth can change everything for the better.

Author Cynthia K. Johnson provides much-needed motivation and inspiration to readers in Deliverance in the DISTANCE: Freedom From Darkness ($33.99, paperback, 9781662859885; $44.49, hardcover, 9781662859892; $9.99, e-book, 9781662859908).

While Johnson’s goal in writing this book was evangelistic in nature, she admits that she felt an urgent calling to help anyone who is currently hurting, lonely, feels unloved or unworthy. However, in doing so, she had to find the courage to share with readers what she calls, her “personal dirt.” Readers will appreciate her willingness to discuss her past to help relieve, deliver and heal other people’s hurt. She wants her book to help readers, many who feel like they are far away from liberation, to see that “Deliverance is ‘never too far’ in the DISTANCE; ‘Christ Jesus’ is just that close”.

When asked what inspired the author to write the book, Johnson said, “ While we know the Holy Bible is God-inspired, breathed into those who He deemed appropriate as writers for His Word, I know without a doubt my book was initially inspired by my deep meditative thoughts about the catastrophic effects, worldwide, of COVID-19, particularly those who suffered or perished.”

Cynthia K. Johnson and her family are members of Elizabeth Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Craig L. Oliver, Sr., a prominent, pivotal, transformational Christian pioneer who preaches and proclaims God’s Word with power and impacting lives globally. Though solid in faith, Johnson’s most dangerous and detrimental trials initiated in her early 30’s, resulted in a dark period of physical, psychological and emotional pain. While she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and a Master of Arts in Leadership, currently, she holds no congregational or organizational positions in this regard. Still, she is humbled to be used by God in His service and the Holy Spirit’s guidance in respect to writing this book; foremost, to help lead lost souls to Christ. According to Johnson, being a mother is her best blessing next to God’s gift of grace. She thoroughly enjoys writing, reading, cooking, dancing, singing, watching football, walking and volunteering at her church and in the community.


Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Deliverance in the DISTANCE: Freedom From Darkness is available online through,, and


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