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Category: Spritual Books

Author Larry M. Johnson’s new book “At the Speed of Light” is a thrilling novel that will leave readers questioning whether it is based in reality

“At the Speed of Light” from Page Publishing author Larry M. Johnson is a captivating work through which the author describes what he thinks it would be like to live inside Strawberry Fields Forever. Complete with supernatural elements and moments of suspense, this compelling work leaves readers wondering, “Did this really happen?”

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Janet King’s book “We Didn’t See This Coming: And It Could Happen to You—Alzheimer’s Disease” is an informative work that shares the reality of Alzheimer’s disease

“We Didn’t See This Coming: And It Could Happen to You—Alzheimer’s Disease” from Page Publishing author Janet King tells the story of a husband and wife suffering from Alzheimer’s disease at the same time, but the way the disease presented itself couldn’t have been more different.

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Author MaryAlice Kelly’s new book “The Silver Circle” is a compelling tale of magic, mystery, and friendship in the tiny kingdom of Lamara

“The Silver Circle” from Page Publishing author MaryAlice Kelly is a gripping and potent work of fantasy fiction following the epic journey of two young men- one a prince and heir to the throne, the other his best friend, and the latent power struggles that threaten the peace of a battle-weary kingdom.

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Author James Kirkwood’s new book “When Fathers Don’t Hug” is an inspirational memoir about how fathers may have an everlasting influence on one’s life.

“When Fathers Don’t Hug” from Page Publishing author James Kirkwood is a personal account of the author’s childhood and how his father raised him and influenced his life. He includes ways for readers to reflect on their own stories, making it somewhat interactive.

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Thom Shipley, a resident of Baltimore, has a new book. “Racism: Then and Now” is a memoir of the lasting legacy of bigotry on his formative years in postwar Maryland.

“Racism: Then and Now” from Page Publishing by author Thomas R. Shipley, Ed.D, is a thought-provoking work reflecting on the myriad forms of racism he witnessed as a young White man growing up in rural Maryland, and the discriminatory attitudes that persist in many American communities to the present.

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Author Christopher Martin Bauer’s new spiritual book “The GOD of Is real (ISRAEL) and the Legend of The Christ: The LORD of Life, Light, and Love” is now available

“The GOD of Is real (ISRAEL) and the Legend of The Christ: The LORD of Life, Light, and Love” from Page Publishing author Christopher Martin Bauer is a collection of didactic artwork containing scripture, poetry, and photography. The book took 17 years to complete, and provides scientific, unequivocal, indisputable truth of God’s existence.

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Author Pamela Ward’s new book “A Taste of Life: A Book of Poems” is a collection of some of her life’s experiences from the time she was a little girl

“A Taste of Life: A Book of Poems” from Page Publishing author Pamela Ward is a collection of sights, memories, and things she has held dear to give the reader a sensation of being there. To give comfort, to bring joy, give a smile to a tear, or make them laugh, as well as giving too, the reader a chance to escape into a new or old memory.

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