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Author Fikre Tolossa, Ph.D.’s newly released “Promise Fulfilled” is a screenplay in verse about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ

Author Fikre Tolossa, Ph.D.’s newly released “Promise Fulfilled” is a screenplay in verse about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ

“Promise Fulfilled”, an epic rhyming play dramatizing the life of Jesus Christ with a unique focus on the role of the Ethiopian Empire in biblical history. “Promise Fulfilled” is the creation of published author Fikre Tolossa, Ph.D., an Ethiopian-born poet-playwright currently serving as professor of humanities at Lincoln University in Oakland, California who earned his doctorate in comparative literature at the University of Bremen, where he taught literature until he moved to the United States. Professor Tolossa has authored numerous literary and historical books and articles, including “Heaven to Eden”, a philosophical dramatic epic in verse composed in the tradition of Dante, Goethe, and Milton. Some of his works have been included in anthologies of Nobel laureates and a few of the world’s prominent figures including Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, the fifth secretary-general of the United Nations. A few of his plays have been published and performed in Germany, the USA, and Ethiopia. He has two books of poems in the German language, most of which have been transmitted by distinguished German actors over Radio Bremen, Germany.

This book is an epic drama in rhyming verse about the life and teaching records of the Lord Jesus Christ from His humble birth on earth up to His victorious ascension to heaven. It also throws light on His three and a half years of stay in Ethiopia between the age of twenty-two and twenty-five. It claims that the wise men from the East that took presents to baby Jesus guided by a star were none other than twelve Ethiopian kings whose ancestors had been waiting for the birth of the Messiah for two thousand years. The Bible doesn’t mention where and how in Egypt Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived. This book does, basing itself on ancient Ethiopian records. It depicts His life as a kid in the Ethiopian community of Amarna, Egypt, and at the bank of the River Nile. It contends that Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David and his mother, Adolia, were all Ethiopians living in Moab in those days. It reveals that six of Jesus’s apostles—including Bartholomew, Matthew, and Thomas—had preached to Ethiopians shortly after the ascension of Jesus.

“Promise Fulfilled” is suitable for stage performance, movie animation, opera, and reading enjoyment.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Fikre Tolossa, Ph.D.’s new book is an excellent choice for avid students of Christian history.

View a synopsis of “Promise Fulfilled” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “Promise Fulfilled” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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Author Invites Readers to Escape into the Blissfully Remote Countryside in Latest Novel

Author Barbara Anne Ashley has published her second novel, which sweeps readers up on an idyllic romp through the countryside. Peppered with plenty of family drama, moments of intimacy, and charming animal antics, “Sunny Skies and Sudden Storms: Mom and Dad and the Dogs, Down on the Farm” follows a retired couple named Jan and Bill – Mom and Dad to their dogs – as they live a pleasant, quiet life on their small, remote farm.

To the casual observer, life on the farm may seem calm, predictable, and even a bit boring. But when strange events make their way to the farmhouse door, life for Mom and Dad gets interesting in a hurry. One Christmas Eve, a starving bloodhound appears on their doorstep. Mom and Dad immediately take him in and care for him. When they find his owner has passed away, they rename the dog Hero, and he joins the family and its trio of canines: Buddy, Gypsy, and Pumpkin.

Then, when Mom and Dad discover the new kindergarten teacher at the nearby school has a stalker, they rush to the rescue. Meanwhile, two very different pairs of young people experience the beginning of serious love and commitment. The farm may offer a quiet visit or tumultuous occasion, but if the animals and people are safe, fed, and sheltered at the end of the day, all is well.

“I believe that a vast majority of people around the world want the same thing,” Ashley said. “We want to have a happy life, to love, and to raise our children in peace and safety. With this book, I wanted to bring my readers a slice of the companionship and warmth these things exude. I also wanted to allow them to live vicariously through these emotionally complex and deeply relatable characters and get to experience all of the wonderful things about rural life that I so enjoy.”

Ultimately, “Sunny Skies and Sudden Storms” shares a compelling story about an older couple living on a farm and invites readers to follow along as their home becomes the center of a variety of dramas small and large. Ashley expertly twines an eclectic cast of characters with beautifully imagined settings to create a delicious narrative dish and, sometimes, fireworks.

“Sunny Skies and Sudden Storms: Mom and Dad and the Dogs, Down on the Farm”
By Barbara Anne Ashley
ISBN: 978-1-6657-0315-4 (softcover); ISBN: 978-1-6657-0316-1 (e-book)
Available through Archway Publishing, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

About the author

Barbara Anne Ashley was born in Gary, Ind., in the shadow of the steel mills there and raised in a multicultural family. Ashley brings a lifetime of unusual and exciting experiences to her writing, and she is also the author of “A Woman’s Journey” (2017). She has five kids, 19 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. Ashley studied at the University of Memphis for seven years majoring in anthropology and taking courses in women’s studies, geology, art, and art history, among others. Ashley previously worked in medicine, mental health, and journalism, and she remains involved in animal welfare and rescue. Ashley currently lives with her husband, Durward, and their dogs on a farm in Stanton, Tenn.

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