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Kristen Helmer’s newly released “The Yukon River Golden” is an inspiring story of following one’s dreams despite not fitting the conventional mold

“The Yukon River Golden”: an inspiring narrative about a Golden Retriever determined to be a sled dog despite not being the right breed of dog for the job. “The Yukon River Golden” is the creation of published author Kristen Helmer, a writer and loving pet owner to an Australian Shepherd named Ransom. She lives in Alaska with her husband and her dog, where she lets her imagination follow its course and lead her to create wonderful children’s stories.

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Kathryn Williams Woods’s newly released “Anna Marie and Her Little Brother: A Trip to the Store” is a sweet story with an important lesson

“Anna Marie and Her Little Brother: A Trip to the Store”: an encouraging approach to an important object lesson. “Anna Marie and Her Little Brother: A Trip to the Store” is the creation of published author Kathryn Williams Woods, who was raised in the Maple Hill community of North Carolina.

Williams Woods shares, “Anna Marie and her little brother are on their way to the store to buy candy. What lesson will Anna Marie learn when she faces a decision between right and wrong? Will her little brother help her make a good decision?”

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Mioshe Dickinson’s newly released “For the Love of GOD” is a heartfelt story of the author’s life and recovery from addiction

“For the Love of GOD”: an inspiring retelling of how the author overcame addiction through God’s love. “For the Love of GOD” is the creation of published author Mioshe Dickinson, a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who lives in Missouri and is celebrating twelve-plus years of sobriety.

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New book describes a Canadian city hallowed in centennial fame

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, is renowned as a city hallowed in centennial fame, for it contains the world’s most famous highest hydraulic world wonder, the Peterborough Lift Lock, Lock 21 of TrentSevern Waterway, that was engineered by Madame Daphne Jane Rogers Molson’s great-great-uncle, Richard Birdsall Rogers and opened July 9, 1904. It celebrated its centennial on July 9, 2004. The City of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, was incorporated its city the on July 1, 1905, on Dominion Day, and it celebrated its centennial, July 1, 2005.

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