Kedrick Lilweti White’s newly released “Naked without Shame: A Most Perfect Relationship” is an engaging discussion of connection and God’s plan.

Kedrick Lilweti White’s newly released “Naked without Shame: A Most Perfect Relationship” is an engaging discussion of connection and God’s plan.

“Naked without Shame: A Most Perfect Relationship” from Christian Faith Publishing author Kedrick Lilweti White is a thoughtful examination of God’s connection with mankind and the planned connection between man and wife.

“Naked without Shame: A Most Perfect Relationship”: a thought-provoking exploration of marriage and the family unit. “Naked without Shame: A Most Perfect Relationship” is the creation of published author Kedrick Lilweti White, a Liberian-born minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ with Bethel World Outreach Church (Now Bethel Full Gospel Church) in Minneapolis since 2003, where he served as administrator for ten years. Due to his long career in architecture, construction, and property management, he developed an interest in the hows and whys of things. His work, “Naked without Shame,” is his life’s reflection of love, disobedience, redemption, and grace.

White shares, “Some of the best answers in life are found in the simplicity of things. And coming to grips with a most perfect relationship man can ever know, that which exists between man and God, could initiate a serious paradigm shift with profound indications for life’s toughest relationship. Naked without Shame presents God’s original design for a man and his wife at the dawn of creation. It captures a picture of how love, belonging, and promise can be interrupted by forbidden desires and disobedience. But it also shows God’s path for redemption and renewed hope through grace, God’s unmerited favor to mankind.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Kedrick Lilweti White’s new book will encourage and challenge readers in their understanding of obedience and appreciation of God. Kedrick Lilweti White really believes that his book will save, restore, and enhance many Christian marriages around the world.

White brings readers an important message in hopes of spreading the good news of God’s promise to mankind.

“This is an extraordinarily well written book with lots of practical examples and nuggets of truth and just plain old-fashion Godly Wisdom that simply blows the covers off any form pretense or falsehoods. My brother Lilweti lays it all out there like a master chef would spread out a buffet table. Well, it’s up to you to select carefully and eat to your heart’s content. If you enjoy reading this book half as much as I did, then you’d got by far more than your money’s worth in truth, examples and straight-shooting Godly Wisdom. Good for all ages, the married as well as the unmarried. Blessings – Cornelius W. Pratt, II (Bentonville, AR).”

“A must read. Upon opening the book for a quick browse-over, the following profound and captivating statement in the first paragraph of chapter1 held my interest hostage and compelled me to immediately consume the book in one sitting: “God designed our entire existence to maintain and function in relationships”. This truth resonates with Jesus’ statement that all the laws can be observed with the maintenance of a loving vertical relationship with God and a loving horizontal relationship with man. This book is a well-crafted expose’ on RELATIONSHIP, the cornerstone of human existence. — Junius L. Gailor Sr., Marriage and family Pastor, Harvest Intercontinental Church (Atlanta, GA)”

“Very captivating and insightful for anyone in a relationship.
I truly found the book, Naked Without Shame, to be honest, inspiring, and thought provoking. I found it be an easy read but yet the subject matter very intriguing. It will make an excellent study guide for a Bible study group or marriage counseling group. — Gloria Freeman (Baltimore, MD)”

Consumers can purchase “Naked without Shame: A Most Perfect Relationship” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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